Let’s talk about sex and crystal meth.



Crystal meth (speed, crystal, ice, T, Tina, meth) is a powerful stimulant, but it’s also highly addictive. When crystal is snorted, bumped, smoked, hooped, or slammed, it releases your brain’s anti-stress hormones and ‘feel good’ chemicals. This makes you feel high, full of energy, euphoric, and very horny.

Crystal might also make you feel less inhibited, less likely to feel pain, or might make you more aggressive. Because of all these effects, you might PnP or have types of sex on crystal that you don’t have when you’re sober. Some of these kinds of sex might might put you at more risk or different risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or HIV. Crystal is definitely addictive, but you don’t need to be addicted to have negative impacts from meth use- including sexual health ones. If you use crystal, you should take some extra care and precaution- especially with your sexual health.

If you use crystal, these questions can help you assess your relationship with crysal use and some options for safer use, safer sex, and taking a break:

Question #1: Usage

Are you happy with how you use crystal, and how often?

Question 2: Sober Sex

When was the last time you had sober sex (sex without using crystal)?

Question #3: Your Health

Do you feel like your crystal use has negatively impacted your physical, sexual, or mental health?

Question #4: Relationships & Daily Life

Do you feel like your crystal use has negatively impacted your relationships or ability to manage your day-to-day life?